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Zus Coffee unveils fizzy coffee named COFFIZZ.

image by Zus Coffee

Malaysian coffee aficionados have a new reason to rejoice as ZUS Coffee, renowned for its innovative brews, introduces an exhilarating twist to the traditional coffee experience with COFFIZZ. This isn't your run-of-the-mill canned coffee; it's a carbonated delight poised to revolutionise your taste buds.

Distinguished as Malaysia's inaugural halal-certified canned sparkling coffee, COFFIZZ marks ZUS Coffee's venture into the ready-to-drink realm, expanding beyond its repertoire of freshly brewed bottled drinks. Infused with authentic coffee extract, this effervescent drink delivers a gentle caffeine kick, catering to diverse preferences, including those with a penchant for low-caffeine indulgence.

Ensuring inclusivity, COFFIZZ proudly carries the halal certification, providing Malaysians with a refreshing and worry-free beverage choice. Available in sets of three cans or a crate containing 24 cans, ZUS Coffee aims to make this fizzy coffee sensation accessible to all.

The initial three-pack release, priced at RM10.50, has already stirred excitement and sold out quickly. ZUS Coffee's online platform offers the remaining 24-pack carton at RM84, equating to a tantalizing RM3.50 per can.

While the 24-pack is exclusively available online, individual cans can be purchased at select Family Mart outlets for those seeking a spontaneous fizzy coffee fix.


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