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Lea Beans & Living: the minimalist cafe where profit isn't everything.

image by Lea Beans & Living

In a world of maximising profits and business supremacy, Lea Beans & Living is taking a road off the beaten path by combining its interior design firm with an al-fresco cafe experience.

This petite café, open for just three hours every morning, has captured the hearts of millions, amassing 3.4 million views and over 100,000 likes on Instagram.

Unlike conventional cafés, Lea Beans & Living operates exclusively from 7AM to 10AM, Monday through Saturday, offering patrons a unique morning experience. But beyond its façade lies an unexpected treasure - by daybreak, the café transforms into the headquarters of Ceed Design, an esteemed interior design firm.

Founded by the dynamic duo, Eugene and Edith, both Penang natives, Lea Beans & Living is a delightful intersection of their passions.

Eugene shared his journey into interior design, ignited by the pages of travel and photography magazines that fuelled his childhood imagination. “The captivating images in those magazines ignited a desire within me to create my own haven,” he reminisced.

Determined to turn his dreams into reality, Eugene established Ceed Design in 2011, driven by a rebellious spirit yearning for creative freedom. His vision materialised into a thriving enterprise adorned with accolades and successes in various sectors.

Buoyed by their love for coffee and cosy café environments, Eugene and Edith launched Lea Beans & Living in 2022, paying homage to their daughter. The café mirrors the couple's daily ritual of finding solace in a cup of coffee while soaking in inspiration from magazines and social media.

But Lea Beans & Living is more than just a café; it manifests Eugene and Edith's philosophy of embracing spontaneity and fostering human connections. Fuelled by this ethos, the café offers patrons a space to kickstart their mornings with warmth and camaraderie.

Initially equipped with a humble home-use coffee machine, Lea Beans & Living gradually expanded its repertoire, investing in commercial-grade equipment to enhance its offerings. With an initial investment of RM35k to RM40k, the café embarked on its journey, hosting a soft launch to garner support.

The café's limited operating hours from 7AM to 10AM are a deliberate choice, allowing the team to focus on their design projects later in the day. Despite its modest size, Lea Beans & Living can accommodate up to 18 guests, offering a cosy retreat for morning coffee lovers.

While profitability remains a challenge, Eugene views the café as a platform for networking and exposure, enriching their design business with trust and visibility. For the founders, the café embodies their values and is a testament to the power of human connection.

As the café garners attention from far and wide, Eugene remains rooted in his commitment to the local community, welcoming patrons from all walks of life.

With humility and sincerity, Eugene and Edith continue to nurture their café, relishing the opportunity to brighten their patrons' mornings. As for the future, they harbour no grand ambitions; instead, they remain steadfast in their dedication to serving their community and spreading joy, one cup of coffee at a time.

Lea Beans & Living may have captured the internet's fascination, but for Eugene and Edith, its essence lies in the simple joys of community and connection.


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