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CJ Foods unveils Korean Mandu and Hoppang in Malaysia

CJ Foods, a division of South Korea's CheilJedang, has unveiled its inaugural halal bibigo Mandu range. This launch aims to introduce the flavour of Korean Mandu, a market leader in Korea, the U.S., and Vietnam, to Malaysian consumers.

The new offerings comprise three varieties of CJ's first-ever JAKIM-certified halal Mandu (chicken, Korean spicy chicken, and beef bulgogi) and two types of Hoppang (japchae and Korean spicy chicken).

Mandu, a Korean delicacy, features a thin, crispy flour skin enveloping juicy fillings of meat and vegetables. In contrast, Hoppang is a popular Korean snack with steamed bread filled with vegetables or meat. This snack has gained global recognition, often appearing in Korean dramas.

CJ's new products are tailored to Malaysian tastes, featuring chicken fillings and robust spicy and sweet flavours. They will initially be available at CU convenience stores in Kuala Lumpur, with plans to expand to mainstream retailers in the first half of the year.

"We are excited to introduce the first halal Mandu and share the essence of Korean cuisine with Malaysian consumers," said Wayne Wang, head of CJ Foods Malaysia. "Starting with Mandu and Hoppang, we aim to introduce a range of high-quality bibigo Korean food products."

CJ CheilJedang, the parent company of CJ Foods, has operated a plant in Kerteh, Malaysia, since 2015, manufacturing advanced feed-grade amino acids like L-methionine. Employing around 500 people, the plant exports amino acids to global markets, including Europe and China.

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