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Sprouting Rainbows from a four-decade-old recipe.

image via RainbowSprouted

Dive into the diverse realm of bread—from sourdough to wholemeal and rye—but have you ever heard of sprouted bread? Sprouted bread, a creation from whole grains allowed to sprout before milling into flour, is gaining attention. This unique process involves soaking grains until they germinate, contributing to its distinctive qualities.

image via  RainbowSprouted

Rainbows Sprouted emerges as a prominent commercial sprouted bread brand for health-conscious Malaysians, spearheaded by co-founder John Tan. Hailing from Penang, Tan has a long-standing connection with sprouted bread. Rainbows Sprouted's journey began around 2015 when John and his partner, Low Chin Leong, took over a hospital bakery in KL. Initially hesitant due to their lack of baking experience, the duo eventually embraced the opportunity, leading to the birth of Rainbows Sprouted.

The original sprouted bread recipe is attributed to Mrs Heisler, the wife of a business manager at the Penang Adventist Hospital, who disclosed her recipe during vegetarian cooking classes, sparking a surge in popularity among health-conscious individuals.

Operating under the Adventist Bakery's branding initially, Rainbows Sprouted transformed four years ago, adopting its own label. This change allowed the brand to diversify its offerings, introducing gluten-free bread, butterloaf, sprouted pizza base, and more. The meticulous sprouting process demands a controlled environment, ensuring care from the grains' germination to harvesting and grounding.

The result is a distinctive brownish, coarser bread, primarily targeting health-conscious individuals, especially those with diabetes or high blood pressure.

With its factory in Puncak Alam, Rainbows Sprouted produces around 50,000 loaves monthly. In a competitive market, Rainbows Sprouted stands proud, claiming a top position in Malaysia for sprouted bread and cinnamon bread.

Although competing with major brands like Gardenia and Massimo, Rainbows Sprouted maintains its uniqueness. While Gardenia's bread starts at RM3, Rainbows Sprouted's The Original Sprouted 7-Grains Bread begins at RM9.50 for 450g.

Targeting health-conscious individuals, the brand caters to Malaysians with halal-certified products available in major retailers like Aeon, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Lotus's, and convenience stores.

Despite thriving amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Rainbows Sprouted looks ahead. Having moved into an enhanced facility last year, the brand aims to capture a larger market.

Plans include expanding product offerings to attract a younger demographic and venturing into neighbouring countries like Singapore and Thailand. Amidst these aspirations, Rainbows Sprouted remains committed to its core—producing healthy, quality sprouted bread.

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