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Peekaboo Cafe: A Mini Totoro Wonderland

Located in Bukit Jalal lies the Peekaboo Cafe, a cozy outlet that's sure to catch the attention of any fan of Studio Ghibli's lovable characters. Thought a bit far out than most of the places we've covered, we couldn't resist shedding a little light on this particularly peculiar one, for it is the one place that seems to love the classic 'My Neighbour Totoro' as much as the next person.

Overlooking a serene and verdant park, the cafe's theme exudes the calmness of nature, making those who visit it feel like their in a whole other world. Totoro adorns every corner and crevice of the space, from plushies to wall art.

While you're taking in the environment and suddenly decide to have one of the little Totoros join you, it'll be nice to enjoy a selection of Western food items over a cool beverages or delicious cakes.

Peekaboo Cafe

Operation Hours: Tues to Fri: 10am - 6pm, Sat to Sun: 9am - 7pm (Closed on Monday)

Address: 1-3-M (1st floor, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 13, Arked Esplanad, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Contact: +60 17-496 2622 /

Photo Credit: Peekaboo Cafe


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