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Gula Creamery Sweetens Their Roster With A Brand New Line of Indulgent Ice Cream Cakes

Savour the best of both worlds with the Gula Creamery's latest line-up of ice-cream cakes. The perfect reprieve for the summer, the homegrown ice-cream parlour and sister brand to Gula Cakery offers seven tantalising flavours including Raspberry-Pistachio, Pandan Gula Melaka, Biscoff Cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake, as well as the classic neapolitan trio of Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry

Enthusiastic about the creation of these delicious treats, Arieni Ritzal, founder of Gula Creamery and Gula Cakery shares that it was because of their customers who enjoyed their light ice-cream flavours but also crave the richness of their cakes that inspired her to "marry the best of Gula Cakery and Gula Creamery together to make the ultimate love child."

"We put a fresh spin on some of our classic crowd favourites so that even our regulars will have something new to enjoy, and as always, made them fun-sized – perfect for sharing with friends and family!”

True to its palate for exciting twists, Gula Creamery not only offers ice-cream cakes but also creations in reverse! The dessert parlour serves over 24 flavours of premium, ice cream with flavours inspired by Gula Cakery’s cakes, such as double chocolate nutella, salted caramel macadamia, Ferrero Rocher, and many more.

Also available on its fun, ever-expanding menu are cake-flavoured milkshakes that are specially blended with selected in-house ice cream flavours. This novel experience of cake in liquid form comes in flavours of strawberry momofuku, strawberry pavlova, and red velvet, as well as limited edition flavours that are familiar on all Malaysian tongues like pengat pisang and cendol.

"Gula Creamery represents the versatility of desserts and how much you can create with just a few carefully curated ingredients and tastes. It gives us the freedom to explore new and interesting flavours and present them in so many different ways, whether it’s as an ice-cream, a cake, or a milkshake."

"The unique flavour profiles of our ice-cream represent how we have managed to harness creativity and harmony in a single scoop, and even apply it to our other creations,” added Arieni.

Gula Creamery’s new range of ice-cream cakes are available starting from RM90 and come in 6-inch sizes, ideal for both special celebrations or even simply to satisfy a sweet craving. To sweeten the deal, early birds who bring home any of these cakes before the 21st of October 2022 will also enjoy an introductory discount of up to 10%!

Our personal pick would have to be the Pandan Gula Melaka for it's wholesome mix of traditional flavors that really calls to the Malaysian in us and offers a perfectly sweetened dessert that will have you wanting another bite!

Dessert enthusiasts can try these new flavours exclusively at Gula Creamery’s flagship outlet, located at Eco Ardence Lab, Setia Alam.


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