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Denhygge Restaurant offers a taste of the Danes in PJ

Image by Alice Yong through Google Images

In the heart of the city, Denhygge Danish restaurant, run by the dynamic husband-and-wife team of Niels and Olga Jensen, offers an immersive hygge experience. The term "hygge," deeply ingrained in Danish culture, encapsulates a sense of cosy comfort and conviviality. Denhygge, with its authentic feel, brings traditional home-style Danish food to Malaysians.

After years in the corporate sector, Niels shares that Denhygge fulfils a dream for both of them. The restaurant, operational since November 2022, attracts a clientele of expatriates and adventurous Malaysian food enthusiasts curious about Danish specialities.

The restaurant boasts a modern, minimalist ambience with rustic wood accents, large picture windows, and a spiral staircase adorned with miniature flags, creating a warm and welcoming setting.

The menu features smørrebrød (sandwiches), with a special mention of the nuts-and-seed-laden dark rye bread, crafted to their specifications by a local artisan baker. The Marinated Herring on Rye Bread with Egg stands out, offering a delightful blend of tart, tangy, briny, and sweet flavours. Another highlight is the Roast Beef on Rye Bread, featuring tender slices of beef complemented by creamy remoulade and fried onions.

image by Hooi Khaw Eu via Google Images

Recognising the Malaysian preference for hot dishes, Niels is keen on meeting these expectations with special offerings like Stegt flæsk - Danish-style Fried Pork Belly (RM55). This signature dish, reminiscent of a customary Danish Christmas feast, is served alongside boiled potatoes and a creamy parsley sauce.

Image by Niels Jensen via Google Images

For non-beef enthusiasts, the Rullepølse, showcasing sliced pork belly seasoned with spices and served with aspic on rye bread, promises a unique taste experience. The Pork Liver Pate on rye is another indulgent treat, with smooth richness balanced by pickled cucumber and crisp-fried bacon.

To round off the hygge experience, the Danish-style Apple Pie, made with a mix of red and green apples, is served with macaroons, red currant jelly, and vanilla-accented whipped cream. This marks just the beginning of Danish culinary culture at Denhygge, with Niels working to expand the menu further.


F13, Empire Damansara Perdana,

Petaling Jaya,


012-824 0020.

Business hours:

Mon-Sat: 10am to 10pm (last order 9 pm)

Closed on Sundays.


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