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Synpulse Expands SEA Presence To Malaysia Amidst Rising Transformation Demands

Synpulse, the global professional services provider to major banking and insurance institutions, has officially announced the opening of its first office in Kuala Lumpur as a means to provide onshore support to its rising number of banking and insurance clients locally and in the South East Asia (SEA) region.

Speaking on the occasion, Yoke Yew Tan, Lead of Synpulse Malaysia, said that now was as good a time as any to build their presence in Malaysia, with the nation being the second most developed and competitive country in Southeast Asia. "Our goal is to be a trusted end-to-end partner to our clients and accompany them from strategy and development to implementation and management,” said Yoke Yew Tan, Lead of Synpulse Malaysia.

"We will bring together our deep local knowledge and product expertise through our tech powerhouse, Synpulse8 to deliver high-quality outcomes for our clients to help them achieve their business goals."

Meanwhile, Yves Roesti, Managing Partner and CEO of the Synpulse Group, also commented on how the opening of the Kuala Lumpur office is a strategic move for the firm to support Malaysia’s rising demand for digital transformation in the FS sector. "As one firm, we will bring our global capabilities and talent to deliver projects and make a sustainable impact on our clients there."

Synpulse has been serving the first Malaysian bank since 2019 and continues to expand its client pipeline in the banking and insurance space. This has prompted the global firm to invest and establish a physical presence in Kuala Lumpur due to its strategic geography, accessibility to digital and tech talents, and language capability to serve both local and international clients (particularly those that require Mandarin, Cantonese, or Bahasa skills).


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