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Worldtree Properties records RM39 mil transaction for a single deal in 2023

PETALING JAYA (6 March): The Worldtree Properties Annual Dinner and Award Ceremony witnessed a groundbreaking moment with a staggering RM39 million transaction unveiled, earning the prestigious Fertile Tree award. This remarkable achievement marks the pinnacle of success for the company in 2023, setting a new record for single-deal transactions.

Edmond Kam, director of Worldtree Properties, described the Fertile Tree award as a testament to the 'Deal of the Year', underscoring the exceptional sales performance reflected in the highest sale price attained for a property in a single transaction.

"At Worldtree Properties, we strive to cultivate a culture of excellence among our agents by establishing clear sales targets, offering attractive commissions, and publicly acknowledging top achievers. We are committed to investing in continuous training and development, providing our agents with opportunities for both personal and professional growth," Kam remarked.

In 2023, the agency witnessed a remarkable surge in growth, with its agent roster expanding by 65% from 102 agents in 2022 to 169 agents by the year's end. The agency also celebrated significant achievements in sales volume, revenue generation, and enhanced market positioning. These milestones underscore the agency's adeptness in effective marketing strategies, adept negotiation skills, and seamless transaction management, all contributing to its overarching success.


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