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Gentari Go: one-month extension offered to JomCharge members.

Petronas' green energy arm, Gentari, is revamping its Gentari Membership plan with the introduction of Gentari Go, a new mobile app aimed at enhancing user experience. This move follows the recent launch of Gentari Go and signals the company's commitment to providing convenient and efficient EV charging solutions.

The Gentari Membership plan, previously accessible through the JomCharge app, is now being migrated to the Gentari Go platform. This transition ensures that existing members continue to enjoy the benefits of their Annual Membership, priced at RM899 per annum, which includes a generous 50% discount on all EV chargers within the Gentari network.

As an expression of gratitude for their loyal support, Gentari is offering an additional one-month extension to the membership validity date upon migration to the Gentari Go platform.

Once the migration is completed, the membership plan will be activated on the Gentari Go app within 24 hours. During this transition period, members can continue to utilise their benefits via the JomCharge app until 31st March 2024 at 5 pm for a seamless experience.

Gentari Go offers added convenience with features like QR code scanning to activate EV chargers. Users will notice new stickers on existing chargers, indicating the transition to the Gentari Go platform. For those still using JomCharge, accessing chargers will require referring to the 6-digit code printed on the QR code.

With the introduction of Gentari Go, Petronas aims to elevate the EV charging experience and make sustainable mobility more accessible to all.


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