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Lin Shiao Tung Jewellery Comes To Town With Debut Of First Malaysian Store

Inspired by cultural affinity and delicate jewellery art, designer Lin Shiao Tung invites all to view his unique collections of fine customisable jewellery with the launch of his first outlet in Malaysia.

Located in Bukit Bintang’s highly anticipated bookstore, Eslite Spectrum, the store is designed with a contemporary twist which can be seen in the minimal lines embellished throughout the store.

Speaking on the occasion, Lin expressed his excitement to seeing his jewellery designs connect with the international community who appreciate its beauty and meaning. “In addition to being a warm and welcoming country, Malaysia is also a stage for diversity and multicultural exchanges. Similarly, as Kuala Lumpur becomes a multicultural metropolis, arts and designs have become its international language of communication.”

Starting his jewellery design career in 1990, Lin believes that every piece of jewellery is born to memorise certain key moments in life. Over the years, Lin has won numerous international awards and recognition.

“The warmth and emotions that flow in our designs transcend cultures and languages, which helps us better understand life through delicate emotions,” he added.

Lin presents his brand as a fusion of different cultural elements, blending his eastern heritage with a tinge of other cultures' sensibility, paving the foundation of the global prominence of his latest and most popular jade jewellery collection.

Currently, Lin Shiao Tung Jewellery has 12 physical outlets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Chengdu. With the brand expansion, Lin Shiao Tung Jewellery is now the Asian jewellery designer brand with the most physical stores.

With the long-awaited debut of a physical store in Kuala Lumpur, Lin Shiao Tung marks the brand’s continuous refinement in jewellery artistry for 23 years. The store houses Lin’s classic series, including ‘Artistic Abstraction Series’, ‘Contemporary Design Series’ and ‘Content With My Jade Series’.

Lin Shiao Tung Jewellery will share its debut with the bookstore, with the public welcome to explore Lin Shiao Tung’s top-notch artisanally handcrafted and customisable jewellery from the 17th of December onwards.


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