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INFINITY8's KONGSI WORK Welcomes First Venture In Johor Bahru

INFINITY8, an award-winning coworking space provider in Malaysia, has just launched the first branch of its latest minimalist and affordable brand, KONGSI WORK, located in Johor Bahru.

Positioned to offer affordable and equipped offices with necessary facilities, the 10,000 square feet private workspace focuses on convenience & accessibility and is specifically designed to meet the needs of startups, small businesses, freelancers and independent professionals.

Evolving with the changing needs of the post-pandemic workforce, INFINITY8 has emerged as a forerunner in the coworking space industry. As such, KONGSI WORK is introduced especially for those who are looking for a work model that can accommodate flexibility and work-life balance.

Lee Sheah Liang, Founder and CEO of INFINITY8, says, “We envision this brand to be a solution for SMEs and individuals in Johor Bahru to access a safe, economical and socially trusted work base.”

“We aim to offer a space to nurture local businesses and provide them with a practical option, conducive for growth and community to thrive. The space also aims to be fast-paced and no frills- highlighting the efficiency of "Kongsiness"(i.e. sharing)."

This branch launches with 51 ready-to-use offices, strategically located in Taman Molek, with close proximity and convenient access to banks, restaurants, convenience stores and a shopping mall within a 10-minute drive. Members of KONGSI WORK enjoy access to high-speed internet, a shared pantry, private meeting rooms, smart-lock doors, automated mailboxes and 24/7 security system.


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