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Ibnu Sina Wellness: A Paradigm Of Islamic Healing

Established in 2015, Ibnu Sina Wellness is dedicated to helping the community enjoy the blessings of life through natural treatments based on spiritual and moral foundations guided by the divine knowledge of ‘Tawheed’—‘unification’.

Through the effectiveness and principles of Tawheed-based treatment, practitioners at Ibnu Sina Wellness are registered under GAPERA (Gabungan Pertubuhan Pengamal Perubatan Melayu) to carry out holistic treatment using oncology herbs and Islamic medicine through Ibnu Sina medical code.

Ibnu Sina Wellness conducts what its called as holistic overhaul body treatment for the healing of body-soul-mind-spirit which are scientifically proven to eliminate the root cause of any disease so that the body’s engine system can function again, this is in accordance to their Teknologi Fitrah (programming). Fitrah Teknologi is a programming from the Almighty creator to connect the spirit into the engine system of soul and body.

The Fitrah Teknologi and the Law of Nature is also shared through consultation sessions, workshops, webinars and the production of scientific materials via print media, mass media & social media to make it easier for the public to prevent and recover from physical and mental illnesses in order to achieve faith, health, love, happiness and success that everyone desires.


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