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Home-Grown BNPL Brand Undergoes Revamp To MOBY and MOBY Islamic

Home-grown Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) brand formerly known as MOBYPay and AiraPay have recently announced their rebranding to MOBY and MOBY Islamic respectively, the latter of which is Malaysia's first truly Shariah-compliant BNPL platform.

Alongside the rebranding, MOBY has also introduced its new “We Pay First” motto, which is meant to capture Malaysian culture and its spirit of hospitality. Rian Philip, founder of MOBY Fintech, commented that whatever the purchase may be, Malaysians can feel empowered to make it, knowing that we at MOBY will pay first. Merchant’s too can know that they will be paid first through MOBY, creating a fertile ecosystem for economic growth.

Although users can always pay later, MOBY also offers a unique PayNow feature that allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of the rewards, discounts, and promos within the MOBY ecosystem. This also applies to smaller ticket purchases that they are able to make a full payment on immediately.

With both PayNow and pay later options, users can diversify their ways in obtaining credit points and expand their MOBY wallets with the proprietary credit scoring system. This technology allows MOBY to track users’ spending habits and timely payments, ultimately rewarding the disciplined and financially responsible shoppers with up to RM10,000 spending limits without even needing a credit card.

Rian also shared that this marks the consolidation of two entities under the MOBY umbrella — a major first for us, among others, and we’re looking forward to giving the Malaysian public the very best of our services.

"We won’t just be granting users higher purchasing power, but we’ll also be doing our best to look out for our users by encouraging responsible spending. Our entire approach is guided by our roots in credit-scoring. At our core we champion financial literacy and this is why we operate with layman’s terms; to make sure that all information is accessible and easily understood."

"We’re aiming to become the go-to platform for financial literacy whilst simultaneously improving affordability for customers and sales for the merchant. At the end of the day, it is all about creating an actionable experience for the users — one which empowers them,” he concluded.

In an effort to make BNPL enjoyable for everyone, MOBY Islamic is a Muslim-friendly alternative that onboards merchants with high levels of Shariah-compliance. Muslim users can now shop confidently with MOBY Islamic’s secure payment system, which is closely guided by Masyref Advisory.

Currently, MOBY & MOBY Islamic can be downloaded across all platforms and users can utilise the platform to transact with over 800 brands across the nation including Oriental Kopitiam, Mydin, Ogawa and more. MOBY will very soon allow for payments to be completed via GHL and PineLabs further expanding opportunities for consumers to utilise the MOBY platform to a wider variety of merchants.


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