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YelaoShr Education College Launches Scholarship To Empower More Women In Early Childhood Education

In an effort to empower more women to join the early childhood education (ECE) industry, Malaysian education group YelaoShr has initiated a scholarship programme worth up to RM1,750,000 through YelaoShr Education College (YEC) to address the existing market gap of low pay, long working hours and unstable professional growth.

Open to talented young females from B40 families, females who have completed their SPM, STPM, UEC, working women and more, 50 applicants will stand the chance to receive a full tuition scholarship of RM35,000 each and attend a certified technical and vocational education and training programme approved by the National Technology Development Authority of Malaysia (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran) and Co-operative Societies Commission of Malaysia (SKM).

“As we progress forward as a nation, there is still a lack of awareness and talent deficiency surrounding the ECE industry,” said David Yap, Founder and CEO of YelaoShr Education College. “YEC addresses this scarcity by empowering women from diverse backgrounds, be it unemployed graduates, mothers or even working adults to explore and grow in the ECE industry in Malaysia. This will help us build the industry and to bridge the talent shortage in this ECE sector.”

Under the guidance of over 400 certified and trained professionals from YelaoShr education centre, trainee teachers will receive comprehensive education and training by attending over 60 assigned YelaoShr centres to study on site problem-solving with children, whilst starting an internship at the same time to ensure that trainee teachers understand and hone their potential. Once they graduate, these fresh educators will then be provided the option to join YelaoShr centres to start their career in the education industry.

Besides that, graduates will also have the knowledge and skills to found their own centres and thereby start their own businesses. With their diploma issued by YEC’s partner college from the Warnborough College UK, trainee teachers will also be able to connect with international institutions of higher learning to further specialise in preschool education in the future, should they wish to continue their studies.

“Through these efforts, YEC is looking to assist and encourage talents in technical and vocational education and training, helping them to reach their full potential and empowering them to actively progress in their careers with a stable income and necessary skills to to start their own businesses. We look forward to shaping a new generation of leaders who will forge a better future for themselves, our community, and the country through this initiative,” concluded David.

Scholarship applications are currently open until the 23rd of January 2023 and can be found on their official website.


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