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Tokyo's National Museum of Modern Art Launches Conversational Program For English Art Lovers

The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MOMAT) recently launched an English-based conversational programme titled "Let's Talk Art! Online" as a means to allow international visitors who are unable to attend the exhibition in person due to the ongoing pandemic.

The experiential project welcomes participants to engage with one another as they expand their understanding of Japanese culture through the featured artworks under the guidance of a facilitator.

A recommended experience for both lovers of art and Japanese, the museum boasts a diverse collection of pieces that focus on Japanese art from across time. Encompassing a total time of 80 minutes, the programme has each participant spend 60 minutes to appreciate three masterful works from the museum's collection, carefully selected based on a single theme.

Located just across from the Imperial Palace, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo is Japan's first national art museum and is home to some of the country's largest art collections by Japanese and foreign artists dating back to the beginning of the 20th century to modern times.

Find out more about the programme on MOMAT's dedicated info page, and explore more opulent displays of fine art on their official website.


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