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Taylor Swift bags fifth spot for Forbes' 2023 most powerful women.

image from Pintrest

Iconic American pop star Taylor Swift has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing a spot among the top 10 on Forbes' prestigious list of 'The World's Most Powerful Women' for 2023.

Released on December 5, the 20th edition of the list showcases influential women across various fields, including CEOs, political figures, entertainers, and policymakers.

Forbes' methodology involves evaluating women from six major sectors: business, technology, finance, media and entertainment, politics and policy, and philanthropy. The rankings are determined based on four key metrics: money, media, impact, and spheres of influence.

Swift, now positioned at number 5, marks her highest-ever placement after ranking 79th in 2022.

The list also highlights significant shifts for other influential women. Beyoncé surged from 80th place in 2022 to 36th, while debutant Debra Crew, CEO of Diageo, entered at 79th. Robyn Grew, the first woman at the helm of hedge fund Man Group, secured the 83rd spot.

The top 10 Most Powerful Women in the World for 2023 include:

  1. Ursula von der Leyen: Politics & Policy, Belgium

  2. Christine Lagarde: Politics & Policy, Germany

  3. Kamala Harris: Politics & Policy, US

  4. Giorgia Meloni: Politics & Policy, Italy

  5. Taylor Swift: Media & Entertainment, US

  6. Karen Lynch: Business, US

  7. Jane Fraser: Finance, US

  8. Abigail Johnson: Finance, US

  9. Mary Barra: Business, US

  10. Melinda French Gates: Philanthropy, US

Swift's unprecedented success with the "Eras Tour" propelled her to the pinnacle of the media and entertainment category. Notably, she achieved billionaire status in October 2023, with a net worth surpassing $1.1 billion.


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