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Tiara Hana Unveils Investor-Friendly Premium Resort Villa In Bali

Luxury resort villas are practically a dime a dozen in Southeast Asia, especially on the sunny shores of Bali. Though we may be far from a shortage of resort villas at this point, a new way to experience the luxury leisure landscape is underway that will allow you to lay claim to your own dream villa in Bali.

Tiara Hana has unveiled their latest development project in the form of a 3-bedroom Garden Pool Villa, introduced as a modern and flexible way to own luxury resort villas. Slated for a 2022 launch, the project is the result of Tiara Hana’s first collaboration with Stanagiri Retreat Ubud, Bali, which is where the resort will call home.

Stanagiri Retreat Ubud is a luxury wellness resort located in the heart of Ubud, a prime destination defined as a luxury tourism paradise. With the vision to create attractive opportunities in the commercial property market in Indonesia, investors will be able to freely choose how much ownership they want, according to their needs.

"With the addition of a new design that is the 3 Bedroom Garden Pool Villa, there will be an impact on room rental prices. It will be much higher than the 3 Bedroom Classic Pool Villa, and here is where you can enjoy higher rental income as an investor," said Hana, Marketing Director of Tiara Hana Singapore, who is also the originator of this latest project.

Exclusively designed by the creative team from Gagas Semesta Alam Studio and Tiara Hana Singapore, these villas are expected to provide a competitive value in its occupancy rates. With their co-ownership concept, Tiara Hana has succeeded in attracting high enthusiasm from their co-owners, which has become the reason to add to the project portfolio at Stanagiri Retreat Ubud.

Inspired by the enchanting atmosphere of the Ubud countryside. the 3 Bedroom Garden Pool Villa will differ from the previously announced 3 Bedroom Classic Pool Villa, packaged to provide higher room rental pricing and expected to be in high demand by investors.

Added focal features of the villa include an open-plan living with the addition of facilities such as Al-Fresco Dining, Island Bar Kitchenette, and the Skylight Daybed by the Infinity Pool which were made to create timeless moments for families enjoying a meal by their private pool with a view over 30 hectares of rice fields, pleasing to both the eyes and soul.

Starting as an Exclusive Property Agent for Wyndham Sundancer Resort Lombok, Tiara Hana have developed their own concept of co-ownership with visionary property developers. Currently, Tiara Hana holds 7 luxury resort properties in Bali and Lombok in their portfolio and have recently won 2 awards under the best lifestyle property investment category.

For more information on this luxurious villa, check out its dedicated website here.

Photo Credit: Tiara Hana


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