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The Starhill's First Rolex Boutique In KL Sees A Makeover

Photo Credit: Cortina Watch

Since its opening in 2002, the Starhill’s Rolex boutique has been the premium place to view the eloquent brand’s best pieces in the heart of the city. Recently, the boutique has undergone a redesign to bring another level of experience to their clientele.

Mr Tay Liam Khoon, Managing Director of Cortina Watch Sdn. Bhd, expressed how the boutique has always been a product of a partnership between Cortina Watch and Rolex since it first opened its doors.

Measuring 134 sqm, the refurbished ensemble offers an ambience that’s almost home-like with its incorporation of signature Rolex aesthetics. The stand-out feature of the new space would have to be the emerald aqua wall, its vivid green a hard-to-miss part that perfectly exudes the iconic Rolex Oyster with its wave motif and mixed textures to give off a iridescent appeal.


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