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SOTHYS Opens Its Doors To Beauty Entrepreneurs With Beautician Empowerment Initiative

SOTHYS, a world leader in professional skin and beauty care, has announced the launch of its Professional Beauty Sales Consultant (Pro BSC) Programme in conjunction with International Women’s Day. As part of the brand’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, the programme will provide practising female beauticians with a space and tools to start building their own business at SOTHYS’ flagship stores.

In line with the brand’s vision of empowering women to shine in their own skin, SOTHYS’ Pro BSC Programme aims to equip a whole new generation with the initial resources needed to launch their personal beauty businesses and eventually drive them independently. The programme is low-cost and zero-commitment, lowering barriers to entry for budding female beauty entrepreneurs.

“There are many obstacles for women who want to make it on their own in the beauty industry. It’s very competitive, and the costs involved are endless — there are overhead costs, equipment and training costs, customer acquisition costs,” says Cheryl Lee, Managing Director, SOTHYS Malaysia. "What SOTHYS wants to do is alleviate these burdens, and give them a boost to jumpstart their business and career. It’s our way of giving back to the amazing community of women who have warmly and widely accepted us."

SOTHYS’ vision to level the playing field for new women entrepreneurs is backed by their specialised salon cabins and products, which will be available for the use of all participants under the programme. The cabins are located at four of SOTHYS’ flagship stores across the Klang Valley: Publika, 1 Utama, Bangsar Village II, and Empire Shopping Gallery.

While practising at SOTHYS’ salons, the consultants will be provided complimentary fundamental training with their trademark Digi-Esthétique ® technique — a unique combination of Eastern and Western acupressure methods to heighten the effectiveness of treatments. The consultants will also be given a professional uniform set and have continuous support from SOTHYS to hone their skills and offer their clients high quality services with confidence. Under this programme, participants can continue practising in the cabins for as long as they wish with no additional charges involved.

Speaking on the growth prospects of the programme, Cheryl shared, “When you open up opportunities for women to access resources that were previously accessible to only a handful of individuals, you help them gain confidence, become self-dependent, and tap into their inner talent. Our programme has the potential to reach women beyond the participating members because when these aestheticians start on their own, they will also inspire other young, aspiring women to undertake their own journey of growth.”

As a decades-long pioneer in the global beauty industry, SOTHYS aims to continue developing initiatives that drive positive change for women, particularly the underprivileged. The Pro BSC Programme is currently open for registration, with 20 available slots for participants who meet the requirements.


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