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Solesor Kampong Beach Resort: A Home Away From Home

If you're looking for your next beach staycation, why not consider the cozy ambience of Solesor Kampong Beach Resort in Port Dickson. This unique cabin-style oasis is the perfect place for a romantic getaway, a family vacation or just a place to recharge when the hustle and bustle of the city proves too daunting.

Stepping in, you're welcome to an idyllic setting, with one-of-a-kind cabins littered throughout the encompassing grounds. Each presents its own attractive feature and houses a comfy bed, private amenities and, if that's not enough, take in the panoramic view of the exclusive beachfront that's right at your doorstep.

Solesor Kampong Beach Resort Port Dickson

Address: Lot 4003, Jalan Batu 12, Kampung Baru Telok Pelanduk, 71050 Si Rusa, Negeri Sembilan

Contact: 06-654 6777 /

Photo Credit: Solesor Kampong Beach Resort


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