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Prife Foundation Donated RM100,000 For TurkeySyria Earthquake

Prife International, through her Prife Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation, seeked to take the lead aiding victims of the earthquake in Turkiye and Syria by donating RM100,000 to Methodist Relief and Disaster Relief Development (MCRD) for disaster relief purposes.

The Methodist Aid Disaster Relief Development Department (MCRD) is one of the 30 NGOs selected by the Natural Disaster Management Committee (NADMA) for disaster relief in Turkiye.

Dr. Jimmy Chong, Vice President Prife International and Founder of the Foundation, pointed out that the donation is Prife’s most practical action to give back to the society and care about international disasters. Although the company has not yet developed the Turkish market, it still hopes to contribute to the relief work of the above-mentioned natural disaster by donating RM100,000.

Although the company has only been established for just about a year, their quick action in terms of humanitarian and generosity has set a good example for the direct selling industry. Recently, Prife International held a grand celebration in honour of their one-year anniversary with a fiesta extravaganza.


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