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Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Pledges A Triton Pick-Up Truck To The National Cancer Society Of Malaysia

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) recently gifted the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) a Mitsubishi Triton pick-up truck as a means for the non-profit organization to distribute their services to rural communities around Malaysia.

Part of MMM’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice, the vehicle will see NCSM distribute their services where access to cancer screening facilities is sparce, if not entirely not available.

Speaking on the kind gesture, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia, Shinya Ikeda, commented that, “Mitsubishi Motors supports NCSM’s noble efforts in carrying out their mission to raise public awareness on cancer prevention, screening and early detection. In line with our CSR vision ‘Inspiring Lives Today for a Greater Future’, we know that success isn’t solely measured by the vehicles we put on the road, but also by the lives we enrich along the way.”

“As part of a responsible Malaysian society, we are pleased to fulfil our CSR by utilizing the innovative strength of our 4x4s for the greater improvement of society.”

Funded entirely by voluntary contributions from the public, NCSM provides holistic cancer support to patients and caregivers in understanding and dealing with cancer in various phases via their many facilities and services.

“Over the years, the award-winning Triton pick-up truck has passed many endurance tests and has been put through the harshest road conditions. We hope that the Triton will gain NCSM access to many places and assist as many people as possible,” added Mr. Ikeda.


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