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Living Smart: A Smart Home Appliance Guide For The Home Of Your Dreams

If you're a millennial who was ever able to experience the Disney Original Movie renaissance, you might recall a little classic called ‘Smart House.’ The 1999 film deals with the premise of a suburban family living in a full-scale automated home with it's own holographic 'mom'. Though we're still far from the perfect home of the future, we could be well on your way with these advancements to smart technology.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Photo Credit: August Home

Sleek and easy-to-install, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is an innovative home security option that packs a punch of features in a compact, streamlined design. With in-built Wi-Fi accessibility and full voice and remote access, the smart device's auto-lock activates once your door is closed or a specific time of up to 30 minutes, and auto-unlock when it detects your return via geo-fencing. Just attach it to your existing lock on the inside of your door, download the free August app to your phone or Apple Watch and you’re set!

Coway Smart Care Air Mattress

Photo Credit: Coway

Coway's Smart Care Air Mattress makes use of Air Cells to create the most optimal sleeping experience. By detecting one's body pressure and sleeping position, each air pocket adjusts itself to a total of nine firmness levels and sleeping modes. The smart mattress also features an in-built air purifier, humidifier, aroma dispenser and self-dimming lights that work together to create the ideal sleeping environment and automatically turn off when you're ready to get up. Though we have a feeling you'll be asking for five more minutes.

Samsung Side-By-Side Smart Refrigerator With Family Hub

Photo Credit: Samsung

Samsung's Smart Refrigerator is basically your smartphone... but as a fridge. Take a peek into your fridge by simply dragging your finger down the home screen or or anywhere you are on your smartphone. Share messages, write notes, watch your favourite shows via the SmartView app and play music. If you're ever stuck on meal ideas, the Recipe app is a lifesaver, using AI-technology and food profiling to suggest delicious options and plan what your family will be having for the week based on the contents of your fridge.

Smartify Global Hidden Wall Safe

Photo Credit: Smartify Global

The Hidden Wall Safe from Smartify Global is designed to be custom fitted into the wall structure of any living interior. Its slim design allows it to be camouflaged in plain view from your walk-in wardrobe to behind your favourite bookshelf. Equipped with an AI-powered fingerprint lock and patented curved door design, the Hidden Wall Safe makes use of enhanced electronic password protected mechanics to ensure that your precious belongings are safe.

Atomi Wi-Fi Smart Coffee Maker

Photo Credit: Atomi Inc

A versatile yet affordable option (amongst the many pricier smart coffee machine options), the Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Maker is voice command compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant and comes with a free-to-download mobile app for automatic brewing. The machine offers an LED display with a control panel, receive push notifications on your phone when the machine is done brewing and even allows you to set daily and weekly schedules so you to create your perfect brew every time!

LG FX Washer and Dryer

Photo Credit: LG Electronics

The LG FX Washer and Dryer features LG's enhanced Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive, proven steam technology, and an array of functions that make washing and drying clothes more convenient than ever. Using inventive laundry solutions, the system senses load size, fabric type, and level of soiling to then automatically recommend the amount of detergent and adjusts the wash cycle for optimized cleaning. For greater user convenience, LG's Smart Pairing™ feature sends information from the washer to the dryer, and automatically recommends the optimal drying cycle to eliminate the guesswork.


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