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JeweLuxe Welcomes Europe's Finest Independent Brands At European Renaissance Festival

JeweLuxe World is bringing a European affair to the sunny shores of Singapore with the return of its much-anticipated festival and launch of The European Renaissance, a dazzling showcase some of Europe's finest jewellery brands and independent designer's masterpieces.

With this year's theme centring on "Celebrating a Stronger Singapore," the emblematic festival is running from now until the 22nd of March at JeweLuxe Scotts Square concept pop-up gallery. The public will get a chance to gaze upon bijouterie embracing the spirit of the European Renaissance by the likes of Marina B, Alessio Boschi, Italian label Amedeo and Leonori, D&A Style and Russia's Tenzo.

On top of that, the brand will be collaborating with a host of local and international fashion labels for a month-long weekly display of styles that have graced European history dubbed the Art of Modernising Traditional Craft in Fashion and Jewellery.

Supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, the European Renaissance is one of four distinctive themes unveiled previously by the brand that celebrates the rich cultural heritage, generational provenance and innovative, contemporary designs.

Photo Credit: Jeweluxe


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