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Galderma And CETAPHIL Push For Cleaner Formulas & Environmental Sustainability Through 'Clear Skies'

Photo Credit: Cetaphil

As part of its commitment to provide consumers with products that are both safe for sensitive skin and environmentally-conscious, Galderma and CETAPHIL will be reformulating its most iconic, best-selling products with cleaner formulas and doubling its efforts to embed responsible practices across the business through the ‘Clear Skies’ initiative.

The initiative will guide CETAPHIL's journey towards promoting a world with a healthier environment and brighter future by using smarter packaging and reducing environmental impact. Currently, Galderma and CETAPHIL aim to achieve 100% renewable energy in their current factories by 2022 and become carbon neutral in their production facilities.

Cindy Tiu, Country Manager of Galderma Malaysia shared that it is important for the brand to not only meet – but exceed current standards that consumers expect from a sensitive skincare brand. "As the leading sensitive skin specialist with 75 years of heritage, we provide complete care for all skin types while delivering our commitment to innovation. In a bid to meet today's consumer needs, we believe our new and improved formulas will allow us to do just that."

"We know that the health of our skin is a reflection of our environment, which is why the brand is working towards being cleaner, more sustainable and more efficient – using fewer resources and creating less waste. Our journey to become more sustainable started over a decade ago, and we are now doubling efforts to reduce impact on the environment," Cindy Tiu added.

Clear Skies is a science-based approach aligned with the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Besides formulating with cleaner ingredients, the approach is set against two other key pillars such using more paper-based packaging are made with renewable and biodegradable materials and reducing their environmental impact.

Since 2020, Galderma and CETAPHIL have reduced water consumption by 33% per ton per product. The company has also reduced annual CO2 emissions from factories by over 60%, by using more efficient technology and renewable resources of electricity. Currently, 95% of the electricity that powers its factories come from renewable resources and none of the waste from factories ends up in a landfill.

As Clear Skies initiatives continue to evolve, the brand will continue to double down efforts in driving the change for consumers, and the environment.


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