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Foodpanda Continues Its Dedication To Zoo Negara’s Giant Pandas With RM200,000 Donation

Digital food and grocery delivery platform, Foodpanda is staying true to its adorable mascot by donating RM200,000 to Zoo Negara’s Giant Panda Conservation Centre to provide for the welfare and care of the treasured species. Part of foodpanda's corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment, the initiative is on its third leg.

Having been active in providing aid to Zoo Negara’s giant pandas since 2020, the initiative started when the business responded to Zoo Negara's plea to public and the corporate communities to help them sustain the zoo and its inhabitants due the long closure of the due caused by the pandemic.

Speaking on the initiative, Foodpanda Malaysia's Senior Commercial Director, Jay Ar Juan, comments: "Even though we are moving to the endemic phase and zoo visitors are now increasing again, we are still committed to continue contributing to the giant panda because the animal symbolizes the foodpanda brand with its cheerful, friendly and enthusiastic nature.”

"There is no better way for us to express our appreciation for this panda than to help and support its conservation efforts."

To help bring more attention to the giant pandas, the company has also taken to installing signs around the zoo area to direct visitors to the Giant Panda Conservation Center and its guests, Xing Xing, Liang Liang, and Sheng Yi.


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