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Food Aid Foundation Marks a Decade of Transformative Impact in the Fight Against Hunger

Food Aid Foundation, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating hunger and providing nutritional support, commemorates its 10th anniversary this year, a decade of unwavering commitment and transformative impact. The celebration took place at Dorsett Grand Subang, last night, attended by distinguished guests, friends, and supporters of the foundation.


In a heartfelt address, Rick Chee, the visionary founder of Food Aid Foundation, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support that has propelled the organization to this significant milestone. "I stand before all of you not just as the founder of this organization, but as someone deeply moved by your positive actions, compassion, and generosity. Your support, whether through time, resources, or financial contributions, has made our mission possible. FAF is truly blessed to have all of you, and we are immensely grateful.”


A Vision Realized: Nourishing Hope, Eradicating Hunger

Reflecting on the journey embarked upon a decade ago, the founder shared the foundation's vision of creating a sustainable mission aligned with UN SDGs. "We dared to dream of a world where surplus food wouldn't go to waste but instead nourish the hopes of the poor and needy. We envisioned a mission undertaken by Malaysians from all walks of life, serving the community irrespective of their race, color, or religion."

Food Aid Foundation's journey was not without challenges in the early days, including a trust deficit. People questioned the foundation's intentions, but the team’s determination was unwavering.  “I'd like to acknowledge and thank all our partners and associates for supporting and endorsing our mission, helping to mitigate the trust deficit issue,” Mr. Chee expressed gratefully. 

A Decade of Collaboration and Impact

The foundation and related success over the last decade would not have been possible without the people behind it, such as fellow non-profit organizations, countless volunteers, staff, and partners from all over the country.  The commitment, passion, and hard work of the above as a collective have been an indispensable contribution to the success and existence of Food Aid Foundation.   


“Tonight, we celebrate the partnerships that have expanded our reach and magnified our impact, showing that when we unite in a common cause, we are capable of remarkable achievements."


Championing Change, Empowering Lives

During the evening, an insightful overview and statistics of the foundation's achievements was shared. Before COVID in 2019, the foundation distributed RM1.2 million worth of free food every month. During the pandemic from 2020 to 2021, it served RM3.0 million a month. Post-COVID in 2022 till now, the foundation has been delivering an average of RM2.05 million worth of food per month. In total, over the last 10 years, Food Aid Foundation has served an accumulative total of RM120 million to date. 


The founder emphasized the real impact beyond numbers, sharing heart-warming stories of individuals and families who found hope, dignity, and solace through the foundation's programs. "Our success is not ours alone. It belongs to every volunteer, every partner, and every member of the community who has stood by our side," 


Continuing the Journey with Gratitude

In closing, Mr. Chee expressed his deepest appreciation to everyone involved, saying, "Let us continue to work hand in hand, side by side, to turn our vision into reality. Together, we can make many lives breathe easier where every meal is a gift of love, and where Food Aid Foundation continues to be a beacon of hope. Thank you."


For more information about Food Aid Foundation's 10th-anniversary celebrations and ongoing initiatives, please visit 


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