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David Brown Shares What 20 Years Heading IPC Systems’ Global Growth Has Taught Him

For more than a decade, David Brown has been the backbone of IPC Systems' global network services business, significantly contributing to the company’s growth as its Chief Commercial Officer, and most recently, Chief Operating Officer.

Utilizing a long and illustrious career, the UK native is responsible for global product management, research and development, complex integration initiatives and has led multiple successful network acquisition and integration projects.

Having had experience in management positions at XNet and Global Crossing prior to IPC, Dave believes that there are two main areas of motivation for him when it comes to leading his team: helping management form IPC’s ongoing global strategy for connecting financial ecosystems and bridging the gap between what is important for executives and for employees.

“Our global teams have real energy and passion for the industry. As a leader, one of my key focus areas is to develop our existing employee base and recruit additional high performing talent,” notes David.

“It’s important that we harness this talent and encourage continued development.”

No doubt, the development of talent became a crucial variable over the last two years, as the pandemic left an indelible mark particularly on the working environment and one of the long-term ramifications being the skills-shortage in the workplace.

In turn, many were in support of a hybrid working system that provides employees with the mobility to choose how and where they work as one of their most important priorities.

Amongst the call for change is the implementation for a 4-day week which could see the development of healthier working behaviours and the key to the much-desired ‘work-life balance’.

Many firms in a myriad of industries, including the fintech and financial sector, have already taken to trailing their own version of what this concept could look like in their respective environments.

David, too, believes in the need for change from conventional methods as we move forward with modern working ecosystems. As he would put it: “There is no turning back the clock. A 4-day working week is something that’s possible, and hybrid working is here to stay. It will evolve over time as innovation continues to unfold.”

“The idea of a hybrid trading floor would have remained just that – a concept – only two years ago. However, today, it is becoming a reality, but the transition requires both a dramatic cultural shift and technological upgrade.”

And as the pandemic brought new forms of how we work, it also brought on the rise of newer technologies to aid us in coping with our day-to-day. With digital acceleration moving at a much faster velocity due to tougher market conditions, organisations had to become experts at “change”.

As a result, many financial institutions are turning towards voice-based technology and biometrics to replicate the benefits of a real-life trading floor in today’s hybrid office and to ensure compliance and security against a complex regulatory backdrop.

David sees a place for Cloud infrastructure, security and high-speed connectivity as becoming critical to navigating market volatility and reducing the impact across the broader financial ecosystem.

Geared with a full-service portfolio ranging from all aspects of voice and electronic trading, IPC leverages the best aspects of their core product portfolios of Unigy and Connexus to address all niches of the trade life cycle and trading strategies. That has proven to be a boon for the company.

"As a global business, we continue to access new and emerging markets and that regional presence and expertise provides clear advantages. I think that specialization combined with our tenure, history and trusted customer relationships we have in this market, as well as the technology and service we provide continues to be a key differentiator for us."

Looking towards the road ahead, David is optimistic about the company’s evolution and foresees it delving into the realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match the current demands of the market.

“The industry has become more focused on how robots can help humans be more efficient, and with the implementation of revolutionary technology traders, regulated users can replicate virtually the same physical experience they would have in the office anywhere, including at home,” explains David.

“By leveraging technology such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing and big data, the requirement for the traditional 5-day week could lessen as technological advances provide further economical solutions.”

Come 2023, the company will be celebrating 50 years of guiding clients to anticipate change, solve trading challenges and take advantage of market volatility through low-latency connectivity technology and network infrastructure.

Throughout IPC’s history, their solutions and services have remained committed to industry excellence, technological innovation, and dedication to our valued customers amid evolving market demands, and no one is more overjoyed by what the future holds for the company than David.

“Over the past 20 years, I’ve enjoyed a rewarding career in capital markets, and I'm proud to have been working at IPC and being a part of the company’s evolution. As markets move and evolve, so do we, and this is exciting.”

“We’ll continue to explore the most innovative voice-based technologies and biometrics to replicate the benefits of a real-life trading floor in today’s hybrid office, and to ensure compliance and security against a complex regulatory backdrop.”

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