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Audiolab Hearing Donates Hearing Aids Worth RM 49,400 With Lions Club & Swiss Medicare

With a majority of people who suffer from hearing loss still living in denial or finding difficulty to afford hearing aids, Audiolab Hearing, the top hearing healthcare centre, worked in partnership with Lions Club of Seremban Central and Swiss Medicare Sdn Bhd to donate RM49,400 worth of hearing aids as part of its Audiolab Hearing Aid Donation (AHAD) initiative.

"“We saw there was a need for hearing aids. Over half of the patients referred to us with ear complaints had hearing loss and could simply benefit from a hearing aid. After recognizing the need, Audiolab Hearing Care Centre looked to work with an organization that supports our ambition," commented Anisah Binti Mohd Nor, Head of Sales and Marketing.

“At the beginning, this was an ambitious goal but today we are proud to have achieved it. We hope these hearing aids will help people to begin the journey in the new year to better hearing health."

Presented to qualifying patients with the aim to educate and promote awareness of hearing health on to the people’s annual healthcare agenda, AHAD recipients are nominated by the care centre and must meet various requirements to be considered for complimentary hearing aids, including clinical and financial needs.


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