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Xsolla Enlists Mastercard To Implement Simplified Payment Process For Gamers

Xsolla, a leading global video game commerce company, has partnered with Mastercard to offer frictionless, secure, and rewarding payments for gamers from enhanced checkout experiences using credit card loyalty points to simple in-game currency gifting to improved creator payout processes.

The partnership will combine Mastercard's technology, network-level expertise, global scale, and trusted connections with Xsolla's platform to create customizable and more accessible payment experiences for players, developers, and creators.

"At Xsolla, we're excited about the potential opportunities of cloud gaming. Our vision is to make

gaming more widely available, to get games into the hands of more players, make them more

accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere through the cloud," said Chris Hewish, President of


"We are committed to supporting developers. We make it easier for them to reach their

audience by bringing together the streaming technology behind their games and giving them the

power to create immersive branded online experiences for players worldwide."

Mastercard and Xsolla will work together to enable innovative card and account-based solutions and services to improve digital experiences in payments and beyond for gamers. To kickstart this game-changing partnership, for the first time, Mastercard cardholders will be able to use Pay with Points to seamlessly redeem their loyalty points for in-game purchases – this solution will be integrated into Xsolla's Pay Station product.

Players will also have the opportunity to gift in-game currency to friends and family. The companies are partnering to solve challenges in the gaming industry and prioritize consumer protections, including using Mastercard’s authentication and fraud detection capabilities to give parents control before their child makes in-game purchases.

Xsolla is also expanding its Digital Distribution Hub, a single portal for online and offline distribution channels and brands that create and distribute entertainment content for their users. into the global telecommunications industry and its global audience of 7.3 billion mobile phone users. Lastly, developers will soon have a new way to reach a larger audience worldwide by connecting more players through the cloud and offering a new pay-as-you-go model.


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