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Wellous Finds Sustainability Partner In DHL Express' GoGreen Plus To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Malaysian nutrition company Wellous Group Limited has inked an agreement with DHL Express to become use the global delivery provider's GoGreen Plus service as part of its commitment to reduce the carbon emissions of its international shipments by 10% on a yearly basis.

“Sustainability is the foundation of everything we do today to improve the well-being of our people, our communities and the environment in which we operate,” shares Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wellous, Andy Tan.

"We are always looking for greener alternatives and investing in sustainability solutions is a priority for Wellous where through this strategic partnership, it can address the carbon footprint of the source and positively impact our value chain."

The collaboration will see the two companies explore cooperation in other climate neutral initiatives, communications, knowledge-sharing, and community engagement.

Launched in 2023, GoGreen Plus allows businesses to successfully reduce the environmental impact of their air freight supply chain through carbon sequestration, where emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are reduced by mixing conventional jet fuel with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).


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