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Wanzar Ushers In The Return Of Nuptial Bliss With New Ready-To-Wear Bridal Collection

Homegrown fashion brand Wanzar has returned with the launch of the Bride 6.0 collection, its latest line of ready-to-wear wedding attire that celebrates the union between sleek, modern designs and all the majesty of Malaysia’s timeless traditional wear.

Showcasing the sleek simplicity of contemporary fashion infused with local design influences, the bridal collection features 24 exquisite designs that pays homage to the classics by spotlighting the colour white, from pure white to soothing shades of off-white, such as ivory, beige, and cream. Brides-to-be will be spoilt for choice!

All the dresses each feature different fits, styles, and cuttings that originate from all around Malaysia, from the breezy A-lines of Pahang fashion to the sleek folds of a Kedah cut. With long, graceful lines, subtly embellished sleeves and lapels, as well as high necklines, the dresses create refined silhouettes for a picture-perfect look.

While each bridal gown already comes with a plain veil for free, Wanzar has also designed a selection of lightly patterned veils and intricately crafted brooches for a final touch of sheer elegance.

“The ideal wedding aesthetic, which has traditionally featured more intricate patterns and brighter colours, has changed over the years in favour of a neutral palette and a more minimal, sophisticated look. The subtlety really accentuates the elegance of a newlywed couple, especially when paired with designs inspired by our local heritage,” shares Abu Zarin Abdullah, founder of Wanzar, on the inspiration behind these design choices.

To complement their bridal dresses, the Bride 6.0 collection also offers couples a choice to opt to purchase their wedding wear in sets, with three different designs being made available for grooms. The men’s collection is similarly inspired by beloved traditional wear, such as the baju melayu cekak musang (which comes with complimentary custom-designed buttons) and teluk belanga design.

“Our clients’ wedding days are just as important to us as it is to them, and we are always keenly aware that our collection will be an irreplaceable part of one of the momentous occasions in their lives. Each piece is meticulously crafted with care, detail, and the finest fabric, all while being kept at affordable prices — so that every bride and groom can feel like royalty on their wedding day without having to break the bank,” adds Zarin.

In keeping with Wanzar’s commitment to making each client’s wedding preparations as special and personalised as possible, each outfit is packed in pristine boxed packaging — making them a joy to receive not only in the mail, but also as hantaran or a wedding gift.

The Bride 6.0 collection will be available online and at Wanzar outlets in Subang Jaya and Johor Bahru for purchase starting the 27th of August.


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