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UOB Malaysia's Latest Digital Banking App Is Catered To The Needs Of SMEs

UOB Malaysia has just unveiled its latest banking offering in the form of the UOB SME app, an all-in-one digital platform to meet the financial needs and other business requirements of small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs).

According to the financial institution, the app shares the same banking and transactional capabilities as UOB Infinity, but also provides features that are tailored to SMEs’ different needs such as the business management solutions and interactive dashboard.

CEO Ng Wei Wei noted the company’s growth alongside the Malaysian SME community for over 70 years, and anticipation in support the sector in their next phase of growth through digital transformation, sustainable business practices as well as cross border expansion by connecting them to growth opportunities within ASEAN.

“Leveraging customer insights, we are proud to launch the UOB SME app which is designed to enhance the digital banking experience for our SME customers by combining banking solutions, analytics, and business insights into a single platform.”

“It provides SMEs with a real-time view and the convenience of managing their financials on-the-go,” she added.

Based on insights from the Asean SME Transformation Study 2022 in partnership with UOB, the app’s launch is part of the company’s continual efforts to help businesses transform digitally following the debut of UOB Infinity earlier this year.

The platform will allow SMEs to view their cashflow data in real-time and the convenience of managing their finances on-the-go. SMEs can now stay on top of their businesses and have better financial control, while driving their growth strategies.


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