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(From left to right. Moderator Mr Ben Hung, CEO, Asia, at Standard Chartered Bank; Mr Roy Gori, President and CEO of Manulife; Ms Jane Sun, CEO of Group and Mr Geoff Lee, Executive Director, Head of Private Markets and Head of Technology at Khazanah Nasional.)

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: Leading global travel service provider Group takes centre stage at the prestigious World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. CEO Jane Sun shared insights into the company's strategies to navigate the evolving travel landscape post-pandemic.

The prominent travel service provider has witnessed a strong resurgence in global tourism and highlighted Asia's significance in the WEF panel discussion titled "Asia – the world’s next growth anchor?".

Popular destinations like Thailand, Japan, and South Korea are experiencing robust booking interest, emphasized Sun. She drew attention to emerging tourism trends that included a demand for high-quality wellness experiences and event tourism, particularly for concerts and music festivals.

According to Group, sustainable tourism is gaining traction with over 16 million of its users opting for low-carbon travel options and environmentally friendly accommodations. The company is actively promoting eco-friendly practices, such as electric vehicle rentals and flights with lower carbon emissions.

Sun also spotlighted China and dispelled misconceptions about its investment potential. She urged investors to consider the thriving travel, wellness, and entertainment sectors, presenting abundant opportunities driven by diverse industries and consumer buying power.

The CEO expressed optimism about China's tourism growth, citing increased flight capacities, expanded visa-free arrangements, and positive policy developments. Recent visa-free policies for various countries, mutual agreements with Malaysia, and upcoming plans with Singapore and Thailand are propelling international travel to and from China. Group data reveals a surge in inbound search and booking volumes from nations with visa-free arrangements, making them top choices for Chinese tourists during the upcoming Chinese New Year. The "China Travel Guide," launched in September 2023, has served nearly 100,000 international travellers planning visits to China.

As the Lunar New Year approaches, outbound travel orders have skyrocketed over tenfold compared to the previous year. Sun's outlook for the broader Asian economy remains positive, projecting it to contribute around 50% to global GDP growth.

She affirmed Group's commitment to building a global network, facilitating international success for partners and customers alike.


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