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Treasure Global Introduces AI Data Analysis Engine & ChatGPT Integration To Its ZCITY App

Treasure Global Inc (Treasure Global), an innovative technology company focused on providing seamless solutions for lifestyle needs, has begun the integration of artificial intelligence ("AI") with a user friendly chatbot powered by Treasure Global's data analysis engine and ChatGPT into its proprietary ZCITY App.

With the chatbot feature, ZCITY users will now be able to ask questions for recommendations of restaurants, shopping, and more. Using its advanced AI-powered technology engine, Treasure Global will undertake comprehensive data compilation and analysis of user behavior through review of users' spending patterns, including scanned receipts. With this data collected and learned, the chatbot will be able to provide advanced recommendations based on the users' individual profiles.

Similarly, merchants will be able to leverage the data collected within ZCITY on customer spending patterns and tastes, allowing them to tailor marketing and advertising programs. It will then tailor individual the experiences for each user and provide valuable insights to merchants, increasing accuracy and effectiveness of App interactions. This will assist merchants in more efficiently developing marketing campaigns based upon more targeted user groups.

"Treasure Global is continuously innovating our digital platforms to provide users with best-in-class, targeted and easy solutions for their lifestyle needs," said Sam Teo, Chief Executive Officer of Treasure Global. "As a next step in the evolution of ZCITY, we are now pleased to integrate AI in the app with a chatbot powered by our data analysis engine and ChatGPT."

According to Teo, the new feature will provide benefits for both users and merchants, through tailored restaurant recommendations, rewards with scanned receipts and critical data capturing on consumer behavior, overall improving accuracy and relevance of interactions. In addition, Treasure Global will enhance its data collection which will provide the necessary insights for the company to continue developing new and improved functionalities for our solutions.


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