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Travel Superapp Klook Rebrands & Introduces New Merchant-Focused Brand, Flickket

Travel and leisure e-commerce platform, Klook has undergone a revamp in their services and brand identity to match the new age of change in the travel industry and maintain its foothold as the leading player in the Asia Pacific.

The rebrand sees the superapp offering a host of new experiences for customers in the form of new services such as Stay+, a bundled accommodation and activities package that allows customers to purchase room-only offers at competitive rates inclusive of leisure experiences, and Klook Pass, an exclusive all-in-one digital pass which combines the best packages from various activities to give a one-of-a-kind booking experience.

The superapp has also joined in partnership with ZA Tech to become the first travel service to roll out a full suite of travel-related insurance on a multi-market level focusing on the Asia-Pacific.

Additionally, the company will be launching a new brand dubbed Flickket which will benefit and help merchants to digitize faster and expand their product distribution globally through the use of dedicated tech solutions. With Flickket, merchants also have access to Express Go!, a touchless offline checkout solution to provide their customers with a seamless, contactless, and cashless ticket purchase experience.

Through integrated efforts with Google Things-to-Do and Grab, merchants can reach an even larger customer demographic through the vast partnership network of online travel agencies, airlines, and more. Express Go! is now being used by over 20 attractions across Asia.

"The rebrand is a massive milestone for Klook. We've overcome many obstacles in the past two years to get here, and there's no better time than now to show everyone a new Klook," says Eric Gnock Fah, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Klook. "As we enter a new era of travel, this rebrand is our commitment to bring joy back to our customers who have missed the magic of traveling and be their go-to travel and leisure app at home or abroad."

Since the pandemic, Klook has set their sights on domestic travel, offering new activities such as local workshops, staycations, cruises, and car rentals to keep customers on their toes. The company also doubled its global travel presence to over 1,000 destinations in 2021, paving the way for the much-anticipated recovery of international travel.

Photo Credit: Klook


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