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Tranglo Launches Real-Time Payment Feature To Malaysian Audience

Tranglo Pte Ltd has introduced real-time cross-border payments to Malaysia in line with the global fintech's mid-term plan to modernise its processes in the region, allowing for more than 80% of its cross-border payments in real-time.

"Our regional payout capabilities just got a real shot in the arm,” said Tranglo Group CEO Jacky Lee. “The ubiquity of DuitNow means infrastructure support for real-time transactions not just within Malaysia, but across ASEAN. That is a huge market that our global business partners can tap into via Tranglo."

Founded in 2008, Tranglo helps financial institutions and businesses pay globally through its proprietary cross-border payments solution, Tranglo Connect. It seamlessly integrates payout and partner services, unifying the end-to-end payment process with direct API access. With Tranglo Connect, companies can make payments to over 24 countries reliably and securely.

Tranglo's real-time payout service is available 24/7 and supports both individual and business senders. Beneficiaries will receive the funds in Malaysia within minutes, subject to terms and conditions.


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