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TiffinLabs Taps Loob Holdings To Bring New Virtual Eateries To Malaysia

Photo Credit: Loob Holding Sdn Bhd

Global food service platform, TiffinLabs has teamed up with Tealive’s parent company, Loob Holdings Sdn Bhd to debut the former’s virtual restaurants brands to our sunny part of the equator. The partnership is expected to see Loob deploys up to 100 kitchens over the next few years throughout the Malaysian market as a bit to introduce the Singapore-based food tech company’s brands.

According to Loob’s founder and CEO, Bryan Loo, this collaboration comes at no better time as the local market is ripe for virtual restaurants with the acceptance of food delivery services becoming a staple and is a good fit into their corporate plans.

Additonally, TiffinLabs’ co-founder and Southeast Asia president, Phuminant Tantiprasongchai, has expressed that Loob is an ideal launch partner for this venture. “We have seen how Loob has grown its Tealive brand to more than 700 stores in under five years and it is now the undisputed market leader in Malaysia.

“We see many opportunities in combining Tealive’s depth of market understanding and penetration with our expertise of developing and growing delivery-first virtual restaurant brands to fully capture the rapidly growing food delivery demand.”

Since its founding, TiffinLabs has conceptualized and developed over 20 virtual restaurant brands across cuisine types, with their services currently benefiting consumers across four states in the United States and Singapore. Some include are La Takorea, RBL Burgers, Phat Fingers Korean Fried Chicken, Publico Italian Kitchen, and Southern Soul Fried Chicken.

“At TiffinLabs, we create and scale delivery-optimised virtual restaurant brands curated by our world-leading culinary team and proprietary food trend analytics engine.

“With Loob as our major launch partner, we envision our virtual restaurant brands and solutions to also be licensed to other Malaysian F&B businesses and operators, particularly in the small and medium enterprises space, to boost their delivery revenues from food delivery by 200% to 300% while continuing to focus on regaining dine-in volumes,” added Tantiprasongchai.


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