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The Olive Tree Group Opens It's Largest Rockafellers Yet In Bukit Damansara

Adding to its already impressive suite of offerings, the Olive Tree Group has officially welcomed the debut of its 21st outlet in the form of Rockafellers Bukit Damansara, committed to bringing the Kitchen + Bar’s dining experience to the next level.

Unlike its predecessors, the new dive takes the saying ‘go big or go home’ to the core of its development to become the biggest Rockafellers yet, occupying three units of space to create a joined, singular experience, complete with a dedicated bar section.

The interiors also offer an ambience that places more emphasis on plush aesthetics without compromising on Rockefellers’ titular ‘feel good’ vibe that’s been associated with the “Ye Olde Pub.”

The launch commenced with a private event that played host to a slew of local, up and coming influencers and fans of the Rockafellers brand to sample the vibes of the new restaurant. Kicking things off was a quaint buffet lunch of dishes served straight off the new menu, showcasing the British-Irish cuisine that has brought the Rockafellers name to fame.

Those in attendance got the chance to dig into tantalizing fares including Smoked Duck Breasts with Pomegranate Spinach Salad, Buttered Basil Tiger Prawns with Angel Hair Pasta, Ranch Parmesan Chicken served with Caper Cream Sauce on the side and Mini English Bacon Pork Pie.

To pair with the meal, the cocktails of the day were the Latik Bree and Botanical Brisk which provided a sizzling touch that really got the crowd going and brought the event to together.

The man behind business himself, Leslie Gomez, also shared some words of gratitude and news regarding the future of the Group, where he offered a sneak peek into the Group’s future expansion plans.

“Rockafellers has always been about its food and its people, and that belief stretches throughout all of our outlets; this being the largest, I wanted the Bukit Damansara outlet to offer something different and could also fit with the community here.”

“Our next outlet is already in the works and will call Petaling Jaya its home, which will be the 6th Rockafellers outlet and 22nd addition to our portfolio of restaurants and bars,” added Leslie.

Leslie also shared that once he has accomplished his grand plan to launch a total of 25 outlets in Malaysia, the Group will be looking to focus their efforts on ‘extending the Olive Tree branch’ to new shores, particularly setting their sights on other parts of Malaysia such as Sabah and Sarawak before moving on overseas to Singapore and Dubai.


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