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The Mother & Daughter KL Runway Fashion Icon 2023 Sheds A Light On Fashion And Family Values

Photo Credit: Mim Fadlizal Rozaiman / Malaysia Tribune News

An event that celebrates the bond between a mother & daughter, MF Academy recently hosted a special fashion show dubbed the 'Mother & Daughter KL Runway Fashion Show Icon 2023'. Held at Atria Shopping Gallery, the event saw mother and daughter pairs from all over Kuala Lumpur strut their stuff on stage.

The show welcomed a panel of judges made up of successful women, including Miss Malaysia Kebaya 2013 winner and modelpreneur Sunshine Aileen Devi Eric and BEAST cosmetics founder Jasrina Jasni.

Photo Credit: Mim Fadlizal Rozaiman / Malaysian Tribune

Moving forward with this concept to build strong bonds between mothers and their children, the Mother and Daughter Fashion Show 2023 will be for the first time this May in conjunction Mother's Day.

Event organizer, Dato' Wahadaniah Abdul Wahab, commented that the goal is to apply these generations with the spirit, memories and pure values of mothers and women, going on to state the the values she grew up with is becoming a rarity among the youths.

The contestants will go through three rounds of preliminary evaluations before being crowned as the winner.


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