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Tenaga Nasional Berhad & Microsoft Unite To Push For Accelerated Digital Transformation

The launch of ICT Conference 2022 (ICON 2022), an annual Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) digital conference, saw an exciting deal go down as it played host to the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signing between TNB and Microsoft in favor of accelerating the former’s digital transformation via modern foundations.

The two companies have come to an agreement that will see the two collaboratively work on discovering and validating potential opportunities which will be conducted through a series of identified pilot projects over a period of two years.

This includes offering digital skilling and development initiatives for TNB employees in both IT and Non-IT roles that will focus on technical and digital competency in using Microsoft tools and cloud services of varying complexity.

Speaking on behalf of President and Chief Executive Officer of TNB, Dato’ Indera Ir. Baharin Din, Chief Global Business Solutions Officer of TNB, Ahmad Hushairi bin Ibrahim said the MoU would allow both parties to explore modernising the digital foundations for TNB to support its strategic pillars, as well as explore opportunities within the energy transition space.

"Digitalisation is an important element of TNB’s Grid of the Future strategic pillar, which is a critical enabler in delivering the nation’s energy transition and to fast track TNB’s own sustainability aspiration of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.”

Through this new venture, TNB is looking to prepare itself to support the country’s energy transition, ensure continued business growth for the company as well as fast track its own sustainability agenda.

In order to accomplish this, the utilities powerhouse will be implementing a number of crucial digital projects in the areas of intelligent asset performance systems, smart energy management system, advanced distribution management systems and also expand the coverage for tracking and monitoring of substations using IoT and geospatial technology.

TNB's Grid of the Future is envisioned to be the next generation of a grid that is smart, automated, and digitally enabled to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability of power supply that will also be equipped with self-healing capabilities to minimise supply interruption. The smart grid is also expected to support bi-directional power sources from prosumer’s own distributed energy sources and renewable energy (RE).


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