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Teleport Resumes Operations In China With Plans To Expand Network Reach

Teleport, the logistics venture of Capital A, has resumed operations in China, heralding the return of AirAsia’s flights and belly cargo space into China. As the largest foreign carrier operating in China by capacity today, Teleport brings with it one of the largest cargo networks between China and Asean, with network reach connecting beyond into the wider Asia Pacific region – China, Australia/NZ, India, Japan and Korea.

“We are excited with China’s reopening as we can look forward to supporting growth in trade and cross-border e-commerce movement regionally," commented Pete Chareonwongsak, Chief Executive Office of Teleport. "The full recovery of AirAsia’s fleet in China will realise Teleport’s extensive network advantage for the first time since the pandemic.”

Teleport is expecting the arrival of the first of its three A321 Freighters in 2023 to strengthen its freighter capacity into its own fleet, in addition to the added capacity from third-party airlines. A dedicated freighter is also expected to be assigned for the China – Kuala Lumpur sector in 2023. This extends Teleport’s ability to carry additional categories of cargo – from specialised cargo, palletised cargo, as well as various dangerous cargo that are restricted on a passenger plane belly.

Pete adds that the company's goal is to “Teleport it” across Asean faster and more affordably than anyone else. Utilizing a international workforce, the team equipped to become the preferred player for the fastest and most efficient air logistics solutions across Asean.

"Today we help our customers move everything from general, large volume cargo such as machinery to small parcels for ecommerce marketplaces. China reopening is important in helping us achieve our ambition towards ASEAN leadership in terms of market share in 2023. ”

A total of 18 cargo routes into China are expected to resume in March, with plans to increase to 40 routes by the third quarter this year from Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Flight frequency in these sectors are expected to normalise to pre-pandemic, with over 350 weekly flights by Q4 2023.


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