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Tan Hooi Ling, co-founder of Grab, will step down from day-to-day operations by the year's end.

Photo credit: Business Today

'I will be stepping down from operating roles, including my directorship, by the end of 2023,' said Grab Holdings Ltd co-founder Tan Hooi Ling.

Tan will be transitioning into an advisory role with Grab moving forward, a statement from the company noted.

I have 'enormous respect and love for Ling' as both a business partner and a good friend. We set the vision to build a double, now triple, bottom-line company together, and I am so blessed to have found a true partner who cares deeply about the impact we create for Grabbers, our partners and our region," Grab co-founder and group chief executive officer Anthony Tan said.

"Ling has invested herself fully into setting up the right leadership bench and cultural foundations for Grab to thrive for the long term, and while I will miss working with her dearly, I thank her for the many years of trust and partnership and wholeheartedly support her decision to pursue her passions," he said.

"Tan co-founded Grab with Anthony Tan in 2012 and worked at other companies in the United States (US) before rejoining Grab in April 2015," said the user.

She led various operations and technology teams as a chief operating officer until the appointment of Alex Hungate in January 2022.

She currently leads Grab's technology organisation and mentors technology leaders," including "Grab's group chief technology officer Suthen Thomas and chief product officer Philipp Kandal.

Tan has also been a member of Grab's board of directors since its public listing in December 2021.

"Grab has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. The impact we create reflects who we are as a team, and I am humbled to have walked alongside Anthony and the many amazing Grabbers who share the same values and work ethic to build something that improves lives in Southeast Asia," Tan said.

"People who know me know that I am an adventurer at heart, and I have put aside many other personal passions to build Grab with Anthony.

"With the strong leadership bench we currently have, now is the right time for me to pass on the baton to our next generation of leaders and to pursue these other passions.

"I look forward to seeing how Suthen, our first engineering leader who understands the nuts and bolts of Grab and the region, and Philipp, an entrepreneurial and customer-centric product leader, take our technology teams to greater heights," she added.

Grab's nominating committee will review potential candidates to supplement the board later this year.

Grab will make a further announcement upon the changes to its board of directors taking effect.


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