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Swimlane To Fortify Cybersecurity Automation In APAC Starting With Regional Headquarters In Malaysia

Photo Credit: Swimlane & Cybersecurity Malaysia

Swimlane, a leader in cloud-scale and low-code security automation, will be looking to developing its regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to facilitate a more buoyant cyber-environment in Malaysia.

Part of a strategic initiative with CyberSecurity Malaysia, the nation was chosen to host the regional HQ for its world-class infrastructure, experienced, well-skilled partners, and competitive talent pool that is multilingual. Malaysia also provides tremendous business opportunities, especially for global companies seeking to bring their solution across the Asia Pacific region.

CEO of CyberSecurity Malaysia, Amirudin Abdul Wahab, expressed that this collaboration comes at the perfect time for them as it will foster and extend strategic cybersecurity vision in the region.

“Together, Swimlane and Cybersecurity Malaysia will bring their respective knowledge, expertise, capabilities, and products to offer innovative cybersecurity solutions in Malaysia and the region,” he added.

“As the national cybersecurity specialist and technical centre, CyberSecurity Malaysia welcomes such collaboration as it provides Malaysia with advanced technology, capability, and capacity to ensure our cyber environment is reliable, safe, and trustworthy.”

Swimlane understands that the APAC region faces a significant cybersecurity talent shortage with an estimated 2.045 million open cybersecurity roles, accounting for 66% of the total global shortage, thus signaling the struggle to find qualified, skilled professionals to handle increasing security alerts.

Without automation, these overburdened security administrators must manually perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks needed to track, mitigate and resolve security events across multiple security platforms.

“Our expansion into APAC is anchored on the goal to use our technology to enable anyone at any organisation to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the protection of the organisations, all while reducing the level of effort and total cost of ownership in achieving what was previously impossible security goals,” added Cody Cornell, Swimlane’s co-founder and chief strategy officer.

Additionally, the two parties have pinpointed three key initiatives to drive awareness about how security operations automation can bring value to organisations and in-country talent skills development. They aim to bring its technology to enable existing as well as new technology partners like GlobeOSS Sdn Bhd in developing security automation & analytics solutions and services for the regional market.


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