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Sunway Theme Parks welcomes year of the dragon with biggest musical fireworks show in Malaysia.

SUBANG JAYA: Mark your calendars come this 10 to 11th February, as Sunway Theme Parks gears up to showcase its unforgettable “Ong Lai Festival” that will feature a spectacular fireworks display, complemented by 24 festive drum performances and captivating Sichuan Opera acts.

The celebration will feature nine majestic dragons across two Sunway theme parks: three in the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and six in the Sunway Lost City of Tambun. These remarkable mythical creatures symbolising strength, power, and good fortune.

Each dragon is meticulously crafted to capture the spirit of Chinese New Year, making them awe-inspiring and symbolic of the prosperity and good fortune that the Year of the Dragon brings.

The highlight of the event will certainly be the mysterious 9th dragon, which will surface on the auspicious dates of 10th and 11th February. Dashing towards Sunway Lagoon’s iconic volcano, the mystical dragon will envelop the night sky together with fireworks. Don’t miss this cherished spectacle.


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