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SUKE TV Signs Agreement To Help Local Entrepreneurs Expand Their Business Presence

Photo Credit: SUKE TV

Local broadcast station SUKE TV has signed an agreement in partnership with MRANTI Nexus, a manufacturing entity within the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI) group of companies. The collaboration forged will see both parties put their efforts together to help local entrepreneurs gain traction and expand their business presence through an innovative platform.

During the officiating ceremony, founder and chairman of SUKE TV, Dato’ AC Mizal, spoke on the momentous occasion, saying: “With MRANTI Nexus on board with our vision, the sky is the limit from here we are thrilled to see where this brings us in our vision to keep empowering local entrepreneurs to be noticed, not only in Malaysia but also on an international level.”

The Head of MRANTI Nexus, Muhamad Husni Md Zain, also expressed his excitement in being able to work with SUKE TV for the betterment of the local business sector. “We are guided by MRANTI’s “Ideas to Impact” to help researchers and entrepreneurs develop their products and solutions, and take them to market at a quicker rate, making the products more affordable, available and accessible.”

“We believe that through this partnership more local innovators and entrepreneurs will benefit from this platform to reach a wider audience,” he added.

With Dato’ AC Mizal being named among the recent 100 Top Young CEO 2021 Lifetime Achievement Icon in the Entertainment and Business Industry, SUKE TV will see an official launch this year.


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