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Singapore's 1exchange Welcomes Official Listing Of Malaysian-Based A PLUS BOSS

1exchange (1X), Singapore's first MAS-regulated private securities exchange, is pleased to announce the listing of A PLUS BOSS, a Malaysian-based business entrepreneurial platform. The momentous event marks 1X's first major public in-person event after a period of restricted activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A community that embraces entrepreneurs and encourages them to pursue their visions, A PLUS BOSS has listed on 1X with over SGD$ 2 million worth of tradeable private equities. The listing process was conducted seamlessly in conjunction with the ceremony at the SGX.

"Since our establishment, A PLUS BOSS has established a strong reputation for creating an exclusive membership organisation that fosters creativity, motivation and collaboration among our privileged members – something which cannot be found elsewhere on such a large scale or with such high calibre individuals involved in," commented Dato Joe Yew Sin Yoo, CEO and Founder of A PLUS BOSS. "This listing is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and our commitment to delivering long-term value to our shareholders.

"Listing on 1exchange provides an ideal solution between staying private and going public; providing liquidity and flexibility for shareholders, while maintaining control of the business to drive it forward. After a smooth and efficient review process, we are proud to be officially listed on 1X. This is only the beginning of our next chapter as we continue to expand and build a holistic and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem," he concluded.

A PLUS BOSS caters to a community of highly successful individuals, who come together to share stories, experiences, and advice to help each other learn and succeed. Members can use the platform as an opportunity for networking with like-minded communities. They can also take advantage of exclusive events hosted by A PLUS BOSS to gain valuable in-depth insights into business practices and practical strategies.

"It is an honour that A PLUS BOSS has selected 1exchange as their listing venue, to kickstart their next chapter of growth," added Victor Chia, CEO of 1X. "We are based in Asia's financial capital, Singapore, listing on 1X will certainly unlock value for A PLUS BOSS and their partners, to improve visibility and credibility as a leading platform and community in the region. We look forward to supporting A PLUS BOSS and such companies as a steppingstone, for the next stage of their growth.

With its continuous efforts to improve its services, 1X is poised to support SMEs to improve their visibility and increase brand recognition among potential customers or even partners who may be interested in investing further into budding growth-orientated family businesses.


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