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Siemens Donates School Supplies & Care Packages To Underprivileged Students

Siemens Malaysia recently organised an internal donation drive where employees donated new and pre-loved school supplies, sports equipment and toys to underprivileged students. In addition, the company donated 110 care packages with essential items such as rice, cooking oil, sugar, flour and crackers.

This initiative is a collaborative effort between Siemens and non-profit organization (NGO) Medical Awareness Camp Outreach (MACO), founded by a group of specialist doctors and non-medical volunteers. – MACO works closely with schools and organizations in need, and had helped to identify the organizations that Siemens could donate to.

Siemens’ first collaborated with MACO in 2021 by donating retired laptops to MACO’s Computer Empowerment Project (CEP). The project seeks to collected used laptops, refurbish them and donate them to needy students who cannot afford laptops and were disadvantaged in home-based learning.

Siemens donated 163 retired laptops to students from seven schools in rural areas. For a different campaign, Siemens also donated RM50,000 and unused furniture worth RM25,000 to the CEP initiative for MACO to set up numerous computer labs for selected schools in rural areas.

The care packages and part of the donated items were delivered to SJK(T) Ladang Braunston located in Jeram, Selangor by 19 Siemens volunteers and two MACO representatives on 25 August. The donated items were distributed to 75 students, while their families received the care packages.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to lend a hand to the underserved community and help ease their burden,” said Pn Ailani Wan Ibrahim, Head of People & Organization at Siemens Malaysia. "Education is one of the things in life that should be accessible to all, besides other necessities needed to survive. Siemens will continue to fulfill our unwavering goal of giving back to the community, in the spirit of Keluarga Malaysia."

Pn Ailani also revealed that Siemens Malaysia will be visiting a Kampung Orang Asli’s Learning Centre at The Aslidika kindergarten located in Kampung Orang Asli Sungai Bil on 10 September 2022 to distribute the remaining donation packages and essential food items to the children at the learning center.


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