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SIBS Group Awarded Multi-Billion Ringgit Contract for Neom Development Project

SIBS Group, a Malaysian-based construction and engineering company, has secured a significant contract worth multiple billions of ringgit for the construction of 2,174 luxury apartments in the Neom development project in Saudi Arabia.

Neom, an ambitious and transformative urbanization project, aims to establish a futuristic city in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. The city is designed to showcase sustainable living, advanced technologies, and a high quality of life. SIBS Group's contract involves the delivery of luxurious apartment modules to contribute to the realization of this grand vision.

With the establishment of a new state-of-the-art plant in Penang, Malaysia, SIBS Group is set to become one of the largest producers of apartment modules globally. The plant's advanced manufacturing capabilities, coupled with S

IBS Group's expertise in construction, will ensure the timely and efficient delivery of the luxury apartments for the Neom project.

SIBS Group's involvement in the Neom development project showcases Malaysia's capabilities in the global construction and engineering industry. The project will not only create employment opportunities but also foster knowledge transfer and collaboration between Malaysian and Saudi Arabian companies.

The contract win signifies a significant milestone for SIBS Group, positioning them as a key player in the international construction market and reinforcing Malaysia's reputation as a reliable source of advanced construction solutions.


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